Orchestrate Sponsors Startup Weekend: Free DBaaS Usage for Participants


Orchestrate is proud to be a Gold sponsor for UW Startup Weekend. If you’re participating and plan to build an application, Orchestrate might be the perfect tool to build that application fast, and at no cost to you.

Orchestrate provides a simple, RESTful API service that eliminates the need to operate databases in production. Powered by best-of-breed NoSQL databases, it unifies full-text search, social graph, activity feed, key/value document and time-ordered event queries in a single interface. Behind the scenes, Orchestrate handles the complex task of building, operating, and scaling a high performance, fault tolerant data layer. The database magic happens on the backend so you don’t have to think about it – all you have to do is code.

Early stage startups need data infrastructure that scales as they grow. If your startup is based on an application, this solution will let you iterate in minutes instead of days, allow you to quickly test and deploy application features, and scales with your app’s usage. It’s well suited for building a social networking app, a productivity or business application, directory, recommendation engine, mobile app, voting app, games platform, a Twitter clone, and so on.

Developers and businesses currently using Orchestrate include Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds, and several pre-launch and pre-venture startups. For more examples of how it can be used, take a look at the Marvel Comics app built on Orchestrate, a Hacker News style Voting App, and an app for searching through the Enron emails. If you’re a Node.js developer, there’s a simple five-step guide for building apps, though clients are also available for Java, Go, and Ruby.

Orchestrate is free to use for the weekend, and will continue to be free as long as data usage is < 1 million queries/ month (that’s a lot). As your app’s data usage grows and your startup takes off, get an additional three months of free service (up to 10 million API calls a month) so you can continue to grow your business. The offer is redeemable when you need it, at any time you choose.
Participating teams can sign up for Orchestrate’s Startup Weekend offer now at http://info.orchestrate.io/startupweekend.

Good luck!